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ABSURD EXPERIMENT: Could NASA have paid for the moon mission by mining Bitcoin?

Can you mine Bitcoin on the computer that first took men to the moon?

A man who once mined Bitcoin on a punch card IBM mainframe, had some interesting results when he tried to mine Bitcoin on the...
BEARS ARE WRONG: Why miners are banking on a huge Bitcoin price rise

BEARS ARE WRONG: Why miners are banking on a huge Bitcoin price rise

Ignore the bearish predictions of a 50% to 80% correction - if you want to know where Bitcoin is going, watch what the real...
Bitcoin mining renewable energy

Surprising truth about Bitcoin mining ‘environmental disaster’

A new report challenges the widely held belief that Bitcoin mining harms the environment. A new study from CoinShares has questioned criticism of Bitcoin mining...
China bitcoin

China Bitcoin mining ban could send crypto prices soaring

Following ICO bans and crypto exchange shut-downs the Chinese Government is continuing to view Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with cynicism - now proposing an...
Bitcoin school

Australian primary school teaches Bitcoin mining

An Australian primary school has developed a Bitcoin lab where students can learn about Bitcoin mining by playing a Bitcoin game. Welcome to the future...! The...
The Bitfury Group

Bitcoin mining giant eyes coal-fired power in Hunter Valley

Netherlands-based bitcoin miner, The Bitfury Group, wants to plug into the Redbank coal-fired power station, around 90 kilometres north-west of Newcastle, NSW. The Bitfury Group...