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Analyst who predicted 2007-2009 US bear market now long on Bitcoin

Early in November 2007, when the Dow Jones was at all-time highs, Carter Worth was one of the few US financial analysts calling the...
facebook crypto launch

The Facebook effect: ‘GlobalCoin’ to have major Bitcoin price implications

A Wall Street veteran of 22 years believes Mark Zuckerberg is about to become an accidental Bitcoin champion. After analysing all publicly available information regarding...

Does this technical indicator herald a 25 month long Bitcoin boom?

A seasoned crypto analyst believes a little known technical indicator 'flipping green' heralds big things for Bitcoin. Crypto analyst Josh Rager believes that Bitcoin's bull...
Bitcoin Apple

THE INTERVIEW: ‘Why Bitcoin will reach $10M per coin’

A cryptocurrency analyst has just made one of the boldest Bitcoin predictions yet. He expects the digital currency will reach a total market cap of $160...

The world’s craziest Bitcoin predictions (and why they might not be so crazy)

Bitcoin predictions may frustrate serious blockchain developers, but most retail investors secretly love them! Could the price of Bitcoin reach $1M USD? What will it...