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PRICE SHOCK: The real reason Bitcoin spiked 35% in a day

Sure, Bakkt futures spiked and China seems pretty bullish on blockchain - but what's the real reason behind 17 USDT whale alerts in a...
Bitcoin bull changes tune, predicts further price decline

Bitcoin bull reveals crucial number to watch

Mike Novogratz, the die-hard Bitcoin bull who previously predicted that the price of BTC would hit $20,000 by the end of 2019, has suddenly...
DUMP OR FAT FINGER? $38.6 million Bitcoin sale sends prices tumbling

Big bear signals mounting up – will Bitcoin dump this week?

Bitcoin has spent a month consolidating and whenever that happens, a large move usually follows. Following a buoyant start to the week, gains have...
Bakkt gaining momentum

Bakkt hits new all-time high as Bitcoin trading volume jumps 796% in one day

Bitcoin futures exchange Bakkt hit a new all-time high on Wednesday as its trading volume soared by nearly 800% over the previous day. In all,...
CoinMarketCap price glitch drops Bitcoin to zero

CoinMarketCap price glitch drops Bitcoin to zero

The apparent price of Bitcoin dropped to zero for a short time last night on CoinMarketCap, sparking confusion among the crypto community. Tuesday evening, at...
BITCOIN PRICE: Expert says $250k by 2022 a 'conservative estimate'

BITCOIN PRICE: Expert says $250k by 2022 a ‘conservative estimate’

Noted Bitcoin bull Tim Draper is still predicting that the cryptocurrency will hit $250,000 by 2022. Moreover, he believes his prediction is very conservative...