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Bitcoin Cash

‘Seven devs and no funds’: is Bitcoin Cash really on the brink of collapse?

Roger Ver has hit back at claims Bitcoin Cash has just seven core developers, that it's cash strapped and on the brink of collapse. The...
Craig Wright Bitcoin SV

Craig Wright’s crackpot Bitcoin theory in the UK’s Financial Times

Was the Lightning Network set up to facilitate anonymous criminal activity in the wake of darknet markets like Silk Road being shut down? That's one...
Vitalik Bitcoin SV

Is Binance a bigger threat than ‘scam’ Bitcoin SV?

Ethereum's Vitalik Buterin believes Bitcoin SV is a fraud but says centralized exchanges like Binance should "burn in hell". Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has publicly...
CRYPTO TREASURE HUNT: Is there a stash of Bitcoin Cash hidden near you?

CRYPTO TREASURE HUNT: Is there a stash of Bitcoin Cash hidden near you?

Bitcoin Cash supporters have hidden almost 300 wallets across six continents in a 'buried treasure' game to promote their favorite coin. The wallets come in...
Lisa Edwards

BITCOIN SV: Craig Wright’s sister nails bold prediction amidst ‘fake news’ pump

'Satoshi's sister' made a bold prediction about the Bitcoin SV price eight days ago. After a massive pump overnight it shows every sign of...
Bitcoin SV

BITCOIN SV: Craig Wright’s sister makes bold prediction

The actress sister of Bitcoin SV creator Craig Wright claims the future is bright for his controversial digital currency. Lisa Edwards, who's appeared in classic...