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Hack this bitcoin wallet and win $250,000

Hack this “unhackable” Bitcoin wallet and win $250,000

Cybersecurity company GK8 has announced that it is offering a bounty of up to a quarter of a million dollars to anyone that can...
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Bitcoin safe haven narrative strengthens as BTC mirrors gold movements

Both Bitcoin and gold have made similar upward movements since the weekend bolstering the claim that the digital asset is a safe haven. Bitcoin over...

Billionaire vows to self publish dumped Craig Wright Bitcoin book

Bitcoin SV's billionaire benefactor Calvin Ayre has promised to self publish a Craig Wright book dumped by its publisher over legal fears. Wright, who controversially...
Report: Bitcoin outperforms banks in settlement times and reliability

Report: Bitcoin outperforms banks in settlement times and reliability

Traditional banks have always lagged behind Bitcoin in terms of transaction settlement times, however, a recent report shows that the Bitcoin blockchain has gotten...
50-year-old law could put a stranglehold on Bitcoin in the U.S.

DEA seizure of pensioner’s life savings highlights need for Bitcoin

A class-action lawsuit filed against the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for the unlawful seizure of a retiree's life...

Goldbug Peter Schiff loses Bitcoin, Crypto Twitter loses mind

Goldbug Peter Schiff is having password problems and has lost access to his Bitcoin. He's not getting a lot of sympathy from Crypto Twitter. Schiff...