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Ripple adds new features to XRP Ledger, but prices still bearish

RIPPLE OF HOPE: New XRP-powered payments service for Aussies

XRP has been one of the worst-performing altcoins but can new XRP-powered payment services, including one for Aussies, offer it a lifeline? Australian users of...
MANIPULATION? BitMEX under fire after suspicious Ethereum crash and Bitcoin spike

Exchanges under fire after suspicious ETH crash and today’s BTC spike

Possible market manipulation on two exchanges has been linked  to a suspicious drop in the Ethereum price. Was it also behind today’s $1000 Bitcoin...

How Disney could end up owning Bitstamp and Korbit

Disney may gain a major stake in the Korbit and Bitstamp cryptocurrency exchanges if they buy Nexon in a reported $13.2 billion deal. The Disney...
Bitstamp acquisition

Korean gaming giant linked to the Bitstamp acquisition

Bitstamp - the European Union's largest digital currency exchange by volume - has been acquired by a company linked to a South Korean gaming...