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DUMP OR FAT FINGER? $38.6 million Bitcoin sale sends prices tumbling

Bitcoin’s $900 price drop: What caused it and should you worry?

Just when Bitcoin and crypto markets were looking like resuming their uptrend, one massive red candle appeared and BTC dumped $900. What has caused...

NEVER REVEAL YOUR BTC: Millionaire jumps two storeys to avoid attack

There's a disturbing reason never to disclose your Bitcoin wealth publicly, as a Norwegian millionaire and many others have discovered. From being assaulted with a...
BTCUSD: Bitcoin at crossroads as price action dials down

BTCUSD: Bitcoin at crossroads as price action dials down

As the week comes to an end, traders will be looking intently at how Bitcoin’s price will close. After a highly volatile week, it...

BTC searches on Google increase 2400%

For some weird reason, BTC searches on Google have exploded over the past week, increasing by 2400% in just seven days. The search phrase ‘btc’...
8 Countries Where Crypto Profits are Tax-Free

WRIGHT: ‘Biggest whale ever’ set to dump $2 billion of Bitcoin

A judge last night ordered Dr Craig Wright to hand over 550,000 Bitcoin. Wright predicts $2 billion BTC will need be dumped to cover...
$400 botnet could bring down Bitcoin's Lightning Network

Lightning Network returns just $48 a year for $1m locked up

Do the economics of participating in the Lightning Network stack up? Or is Bitcoin's best hope for retail payments doomed to failure? When the Lightning...