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How to keep your crypto safe

Gemini launches institutional-grade crypto custody solution with instant trading

Winklevoss-owned Gemini Trust Company has thrown its hat into the institutional crypto custody ring with today's launch of Gemini Custody. From the very beginning, Gemini...
Backers leaving in droves but Libra undeterred

Former Coinbase exec to stump for Facebook’s Libra in Washington

In light of increased regulatory criticism and pushback regarding its Libra cryptocurrency offering, Facebook has hired yet another lobbying firm to ease lawmakers' fears...
What LTC's 30% price and hash nosedive means for BTC's halving

Litecoin’s price/hash crash: What it means for the BTC halving

Litecoin’s price, hashrate, and mining difficulty have fallen by a third since the halving. What can we learn from it ahead of the Bitcoin...
$400 botnet could bring down Bitcoin's Lightning Network

Lightning Network returns just $48 a year for $1m locked up

Do the economics of participating in the Lightning Network stack up? Or is Bitcoin's best hope for retail payments doomed to failure? When the Lightning...

BLUE TICK: Ingenious new trick as crypto Twitter scams double

Crypto con artists have devised an ingenious method to get a verified ‘blue tick’ from Twitter, to help them rip off the unwary. A new...
Exchanges report outages as Bitcoin prices plummet nearly $1,900 in minutes

Crypto exchanges report outages as Bitcoin prices plummet nearly $1,900 in minutes

Bitcoin's upward trajectory was temporarily derailed as service interruptions at several cryptocurrency exchanges caused prices to drop more than US$1,800 in less than...