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crypto sushi

NAKAMOTO NIGIRI: Australian sushi chain rebrands with all crypto menu

A sushi bar chain in Australia has rebranded with a lighthearted 'all crypto' menu - and now accepts crypto as payment too. Sushi Planet, in...
Bank shuts down 'neo-Nazi's' account, sparking furious crypto debate

Bank shuts down ‘neo-Nazi’s’ account, sparking furious crypto debate

Westpac has closed far-right activist Blair Cottrell's bank account, sparking a furious debate in the crypto community about deplatforming. The notorious United Patriots Front founder...
Bitcoin Cash

‘Seven devs and no funds’: is Bitcoin Cash really on the brink of collapse?

Roger Ver has hit back at claims Bitcoin Cash has just seven core developers, that it's cash strapped and on the brink of collapse. The...
'GAME CHANGER': Oxfam is now giving crypto to disaster victims

‘GAME CHANGER’: Oxfam is trialing a stablecoin for disaster response

In a world first, the Oxfam International charity is trialing the stablecoin Dai for disaster response aid in Vanuatu. The respected charity has partnered with...
iPhone Bitcoin Wallet

APPLE’S CRYPTO PLAY: Bitcoin logos added, iPhone wallet incoming?

Speculation that Apple will offer a native iPhone Bitcoin wallet has reached fever pitch, after it unveiled its new 'CryptoKit' and added Bitcoin logos...
12 weeks surviving on crypto: 'I'm angry and feel hungover every day'

12 weeks surviving on crypto: ‘It was like being hungover every day’

Aussie Jaide Barclay says that trying to survive on crypto while traveling the world on her 12 Week Crypto  Challenge was harder than she'd...