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Air Bitcoins? Nike to trademark 'cryptokicks'

Air Bitcoins? Nike to trademark ‘cryptokicks’

Nike may be creating its own cryptocurrency as the shoe company files a trademark application for “cryptokicks.” A lot of major companies are getting into...
short bitcoin

‘Anti-Bitcoin’ token to launch within weeks

Ever wanted to short Tether? Now you can on Synthetix Exchange - which also makes shorting Bitcoin as simple as buying a token. Synthetix founder...
blockchain election

Blockchain voting used in “historic” South Australian election

The South Australian Government has completed a "transparent and historic" election using blockchain technology. More than 1,400 recreational fishers participated in the vote to elect...
SEC cryptocurrency

‘THIS IS HUGE’: SEC releases key cryptocurrency guidelines

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has provided clarity on one of the most significant regulatory issues facing the cryptocurrency sector. In a public...
Ian Balina Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency influencer optimistic after “amazing” month

Controversial cryptocurrency investor and influencer Ian Balina says he's enjoyed an "amazing" month in the markets. Mr Balina, who made millions from the ICO boom...
cryptocurrency ebay

Failed cryptocurrency project for sale on eBay

The cryptocurrency market has seen better days. But, without a doubt the part of the industry that was hit the hardest was the ICO...