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Senior Australian minister claims crypto used to 'obfuscate' terrorist activity

Australian politician claims crypto still funds terrorism

Australia's Home Affairs Minister, Peter Dutton, has issued a warning that cryptocurrencies are being used by terrorists to fund their deadly operations. Addressing attendees at...
US Congressman to introduce legislation to protect crypto from SEC overreach

US Congressman to introduce legislation to protect crypto from SEC overreach

U.S. Congressman Tom Emmer (R-MN) has announced plans to introduce new legislation that will "provide a path to regulatory certainty" for cryptocurrencies and other...
Bakkt’s grand plans for cryptocurrency evolution

Bakkt announces grand plans for cryptocurrency evolution

The crypto landscape changed dramatically when Bitcoin futures were introduced in late 2017. Since then there has been more interest by institutions offering a...

ROGER VER: Why Bitcoin Cash is the future “hot stock”

Early Bitcoin investor Roger Ver is sticking to his guns when it comes to Bitcoin Cash. The prominent cryptocurrency figure says the well-known Bitcoin ‘fork’...
What is driving the altcoin frenzy and will it continue?

MYSTERY SPIKE: Why did this token jump 335%?

Crypto traders are breathing a small sigh of relief as much of last week's bleed-out appears to be in the process of reversing itself....
Spencer Dinwiddie to offer tokenized contract shares against NBA wishes

TOKEN DREAMS: Will you buy this NBA basketballer?

Last month, professional basketball player Spencer Dinwiddie made headlines off the court when he announced plans to tokenize part of his $34.36 million contract...