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US traces three new WannaCry strains back to North Korea

United States cybersecurity experts claim that three new strains of the WannaCry malware have been traced back to North Korea. As the tech community celebrates...

Apple debunks iOS Mail vulnerability claims from cyber-security firm

In a statement released on Thursday, Apple, Inc. debunks 'untrue' vulnerability claims of the cyber-security firm that discovered the flaws in the iOS Mail...
U.S. federal agencies issue guidelines against NoKor's crypto-crimes

US agencies issue guidelines vs North Korea’s alleged crypto crimes

Various U.S. federal departments have begun to establish guidelines against crypto crimes suspected to be initiated by North Korea. The U.S. Departments of Treasury, Homeland...

Microsoft gives away free AccountGuard to combat recent cyberattack surge

Microsoft is now offering AccountGuard, a new security service, free to all healthcare, human rights and humanitarian organizations, and its staff. This is in...
US, UK cybersecurity agencies issue vital COVID-19 online threat update

US, UK cybersecurity agencies issue COVID-19 online threat update

In an alarming turn of events, security agencies in the U.S. and U.K. revealed that cybercriminals and other malicious online groups are exploiting the...

Netflix-related phishing attacks doubles in few weeks, security firm says

Netflix has become more popular ever since the pandemic, especially for scammers.  Because of the lockdown and stay-at-home protocols implemented by authorities worldwide due to...