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Indie 2D fighting game 'Bounty Battle' shows off impressive roster

Indie 2D fighting game ‘Bounty Battle’ shows off its impressive roster

Indie free-for-all Bounty Battle drops an action-packed new trailer, giving fans a glimpse at the game's impressive roster of iconic indie characters. Nothing excites fighting...

‘Blightbound’ shows off fresh gameplay at the PC Gaming Show

Coop dungeon crawler Blightbound released a new gameplay trailer this weekend. The video at the PC Gaming Show showcases its high-adrenaline gameplay. Blightbound will come...

Lovecraftian horror ‘Stirring Abyss’ announced for Steam release

Cthulhu mythos game Stirring Abyss received an announcement today. The strategy RPG is one of many Lovecraftian horror games that have come over the...

‘Darkest Dungeon Butcher’s Circus’ DLC coming out today

Darkest Dungeon is launching its latest DLC today, titled Butcher’s Circus. The DLC is different, as it is an online multiplayer PVP instead of...

‘Blightbound’ is a coop dungeon crawler coming out this summer

Three-person coop dungeon crawler Blightbound is coming out on Steam Early Access this summer. Developer Ronimo Games and Devolver Digital are looking for a new...