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Intel investigates source code dump of proprietary data

Intel is investigating the recent leak that dumped more than 20GB of proprietary data into the public domain. The leak exposed sensitive proprietary data from...
Quibi was discovered to be sharing users' email addresses to advertising partners

Quibi discovered to be sharing users’ email addresses to advertising partners

Quibi is now in the hot seat for sharing its new users' email addresses to its advertising partners. The investigator found out that Quibi isn't...
ENS exposes private data of Ethereum users

ENS exposes private data of thousands of Ethereum users

Data sovereignty and privacy have always been part of Ethereum's selling points, yet a recent analysis has shown lapses in this claim. The Ethereum...
New Zealand police target porn-viewing crypto extortion scam

Porn site data breach leaks thousands of cam models’ personal details

Thousands of adult cam models are now potentially at risk as a massive data breach of a popular porn network resulted in the leak...