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‘Metro Exodus’ removes Denuvo DRM in all PC versions

Hit post-apocalyptic survival game Metro Exodus removed its Denuvo anti-tampering software today. In hotfix, game publisher Deep Silver decided to ditch the DRM software...

‘DOOM Eternal’ devs to remove Denuvo Anti-Cheat software

DOOM Eternal will remove its Denuvo Anti-Cheat software in the next update. According to Id Software exec Marty Stratton, the dev team will do the...

‘Doom Eternal’ receives review bomb over Denuvo

Doom Eternal is now under fire for their anti-cheat software. The game, published by Bethesda Studios, received more than 4,500 negative reviews, putting the game...

Bethesda mistakenly releases DRM-free Doom Eternal file

For a seasoned game developer, Bethesda Softworks made a huge blunder as they mistakenly left an executable file for their latest game called DOOM...