diablo 2

Blizzard celebrates the 20th anniversary of the legendary RPG ‘Diablo 2’

The godfather of modern-day action-RPGs Diablo 2 just turned 20 and Blizzard Entertainment has something special in store just for…

7 months ago

‘Minecraft Dungeons’ channels its inner ‘Diablo’ with a hidden level

New dungeon crawler Minecraft Dungeon paid homage to Diablo—the godfather of modern-day hack and slash RPGs—through a familiar bovine-themed level.…

8 months ago

‘Diablo 2’ predictions say Blizzard remaster to come this year

Predictions are out for Diablo 2 remaster with a potential release this year. Pundits expect Diablo 2: Resurrected to come out…

9 months ago