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‘DOOM Eternal’ devs to remove Denuvo Anti-Cheat software

DOOM Eternal will remove its Denuvo Anti-Cheat software in the next update. According to Id Software exec Marty Stratton, the dev team will do the...

‘Serious Sam 4’ coming out on PC and Stadia this August

Serious Sam 4 will come this coming August and vows to break many conventions modern Doom brought out. In a series of videos released today,...

‘Doom Eternal’ receives review bomb over Denuvo

Doom Eternal is now under fire for their anti-cheat software. The game, published by Bethesda Studios, received more than 4,500 negative reviews, putting the game...

‘Doom Eternal’ Update 1 will add player-killing super demons

Doom Eternal is adding a brutal highlight where demons that kill players go to others. id Software features an update called "Empowered Demons." With this,...

‘Id Software’ bares struggle with ‘DOOM Eternal’ composer

DOOM Eternal has the best musical scores and OST in the biz. However, DOOM developer Id Software notes its problematic relationship with its composer. Many players...