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‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ update is delayed by a week

The Blackwood update for The Elder Scrolls Online won't arrive on its original date next month. It has been delayed by a week now. 'The...

‘Arx Fatalis’ from Arkane Studios, free to take home until May 31

Arkane Studios’ original game Arx Fatalis is free to take home from their anniversary website. The 2002 action RPG is out for free in...
'Elder Scrolls: Blades' Official Logo

Bethesda’s ‘Elder Scrolls: Blades’ misses its launch mark, May 14 allegedly

Originally bound for May 12, 2020, Bethesda’s mobile spin-off of its popular RPG, Elder Scrolls: Blades, failed to show up on eShop, subsequently leading...

‘Beyond Skyrim’ released mods to show off epic Roscrea expansion

The Beyond Skyrim project released a Skyrim mods video showing expansions to Roscrea. In a dev diary, the modders showed of their foray into the...