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‘Escape From Tarkov’ 12.7 patch notes are out now

The 12.7 update patch notes of Escape For Tarkov are now out in the wild. The changes show a ton of exciting amendments to...

‘Escape From Tarkov’ players livid over THICC case update

Escape From Tarkov players are angry over a mid-week update for the game. The changes replaced the reward for a specific, life-changing quest in-game. The...

‘Escape From Tarkov’ shares new map for the upcoming 12.7 patch

Battlestate Games shared their new map for Escape From Tarkov this weekend. So far, the dev team says this is their biggest map yet...

‘Escape From Tarkov’ gets 200k concurrent players but bans 3k cheaters

Hardcore survival shooter game Escape From Tarkov is having a successful week. Battlestate Games’ FPS offering broke 200,000 concurrent players according to their announcement. Escape...