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Swedish Bitcoin fraudster extradited from Thailand to US

Swedish Bitcoin fraudster extradited from Thailand to US

US authorities have extradited a Swedish citizen from Thailand for his alleged involvement in a fake securities scam. The sale of the fraudulent investments...
Unlawful cash seizure highlights use case for Bitcoin

DARK WEB DISCOUNT: $800 in BTC buys $10,000 in stolen cash for Bitcoin racket

Security researchers investigating dark markets and criminal forums have uncovered an alarming trend in which stolen cash is sold for Bitcoin at as much...

Former Coinbase CTO’s deepfake solution: a ‘blockchain phone’

Blockchain solves a lot of problems in the world, but a former Coinbase CTO may now regret suggesting it’s the answer to deepfake audio...

Simple QR code trick scammers use to steal your Bitcoin

No one can tell the difference between one QR code and another which allows scammers to use a sneaky trick to steal your Bitcoin. When...
Datadash and Altcoin Fantasy join forces for charity Christmas fantasy trading contest

SEC CRYPTO NEWS: Texas token issuers agree to pay $8.4 million after defrauding investors

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced that it has settled charges with the founders of an unregistered cryptocurrency exchange in Dallas. Bruce Bise...
UK regulators propose ban on crypto products citing ‘No inherent value’

Emergency lawsuit filed against ICO to block selloff of $8 million in investor assets

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed suit to freeze the assets raised by Veritaseum's VERI Token ICO that occurred in 2017. The...