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Bobby Lee: 'Bitcoin will reach and eclipse the total value of gold'

U.S. Gold Exec: “Phenomenon of cryptocurrency is here to stay”

Gold proponents bristle at hearing crypto being compared to the precious metal. While their arguments are sound, their contempt for crypto has only begun...
OH THE IRONY! JPMorgan traders charged with market manipulation

OH THE IRONY! JPMorgan Chase traders charged with market manipulation

The U.S. Department of Justice is charging three JPMorgan Chase precious metals traders with market manipulation. The three men charged are Christopher Jordan, a former...
Did Bitcoin just get the thumbs-up from the U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman?

Fed Chairman slams Libra, confirms Bitcoin as a legit ‘store of value like gold’

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell compared Bitcoin to gold, calling it a store of value, during his testimony before the Senate Banking Committee. The hearing,...
US-China trade war fueling Bitcoin spike, says blockchain pioneer

CHINA THEORY: Did this cause the Bitcoin price explosion?

A prominent Australian blockchain pioneer has outlined a compelling theory around why the Bitcoin price exploded this week. The dramatic escalation of the US-China trade...