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North Korea Is Developing State Cryptocurrency

North Korea: Accusations of $2b crypto exchange hacks ‘ill-hearted rumors’

North Korea is denying allegations that it has earned US$2 billion through the hacking of cryptocurrency exchanges and banks. The country's government also says that...
'One-man cybercrime wave' hacker to return $1.1 million in Bitcoin to victims

‘One-man cybercrime wave’ to return $1.1 million in Bitcoin to victims

British hacker Grant West has been ordered to pay back more than $1.1 million in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to his victims. The seizure...
RANSOMWARE ATTACK: Hackers demand $5 million in Bitcoin from state-run oil company

Another city caves to hackers, pays $490K Bitcoin ransom

Another city in Florida has given in to the demands of hackers behind a ransomware attack and are paying a hefty Bitcoin ransom. The city...
Block.One agrees to pay SEC $24 million over unresgistered EOS ICO

Completely cut off, city caves and pays hackers’ $600k Bitcoin ransom

A small city in south Florida has agreed to pay a Bitcoin ransom of roughly US$600,000 in order to regain access to data...
Keeping your crypto safe

EXPERT WARNING: Fatal flaws may be embedded in all privacy coins

A blockchain researcher has warned that "all" privacy coins may include fundamental cryptography bugs that could enable hackers to counterfeit infinite amounts of money. Tim...