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blockchain voting

Blockchain voting to be used in New Zealand politics

New Zealand political party, The Opportunity Party, will use Horizon State's blockchain voting system to conduct its leadership election next month. The move will be...
Horizon State Client

EXCLUSIVE: Horizon State in high-profile trial

Australian blockchain voting platform Horizon State is working with a "well-known" German Football Club. A company spokesperson says the club, which can't yet be named, will...
Cryptocurrency Projects

REVEALED: Australia’s Top 10 cryptocurrency projects

Over the past 12 months, the number of Australian blockchain and cryptocurrency projects has exploded. Some have enormous potential... Others, perhaps not so much. For this...
Horizon State India

Horizon State and MiVote announce deal with Indian political party

The second most populated country in the world is about to start using the blockchain-based voting platform developed by Australian companies Horizon State and...
Picture: Uses for Blockchain

Five smart uses for blockchain technology

The terms blockchain and Bitcoin seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly, but there is more to blockchain technology than just cryptocurrencies. Blockchain...
Australian altcoins

Australian altcoins rocket higher following Bitcoin price spike

In the wake of Bitcoin's recent price surge, we examine whether the biggest Australian altcoins are moving in the same direction. It all happened last...