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Suri Cruise worried after Katie Holmes’ weight drops to 90 pounds: rumor

Suri Cruise is, allegedly, worried about her mom Katie Holmes' health. According to Now to Love, Suri Cruise noticed a drop in her mom's weight...

Katie Holmes wants another baby, feeling empty nest pain: report

Katie Holmes is reportedly feeling empty now that her daughter, Suri, is grown up and wants another baby on her own. Katie Holmes has been...

Katie Holmes allegedly stopped hanging out with Suri after adopting a baby

Katie Holmes, allegedly, adopted a baby boy that’s why she hasn’t been hanging out with her daughter, Suri Cruise much. According to Woman’s Day, Katie...
Jamie Foxx allegedly flirted with Julia Roberts while dating Katie Holmes

Jamie Foxx allegedly flirted with Julia Roberts while dating Katie Holmes

Jamie Foxx, allegedly, flirted with Julia Roberts while he and Katie Holmes were still dating. According to Now to Love, Foxx and Julia Roberts flirted...

Katie Holmes’ daughter Suri allegedly asked dad Tom Cruise to hang out

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s only child, Suri Cruise, has, allegedly, asked her dad if she could spend time with him over the summer. According...

Katie Holmes had secret relationships with Bradley Cooper, Justin Theroux?

Katie Holmes, allegedly, had a relationship with Bradley Cooper and Justin Theroux, but she decided to keep it private. Earlier this year, Now to Love...