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Is Apple's new MacBook Pro 13 a worthy upgrade?

Is Apple’s new MacBook Pro 13 a worthy upgrade?

Apple's new Macbook Pro 13 is making noise in the tech community lately; is it really worth the price to get this newest upgrade? Apple...
Top 4 laptops under $400 for productivity

Top 5 laptops under $400 for work-from-home productivity

More and more companies are now allowing work-from-home arrangements. Here are 4 of the best laptops under $400 for home productivity. The work-from-home setup has...
7 essential tips to speed up laptop for free

7 essential tips to speed up a Windows laptop for free

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic enabled a work-from-home arrangement for most of the global workforce. However, not everyone has the luxury of a brand-new...

5 reasons why the MacBook Air is the lightweight laptop for you

Apple recently released the 2020 MacBook Air which is widely praised as the company's best laptop in the last several years. The new MacBook Air...
Apple shipments of iPhones in China increases by 20%

Apple iPhone shipments in China increased by 20%

China is again leading the pack in the consumption of consumer tech after the Coronavirus wreaked havoc in the country. Apple shipments have just...