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Craig Wright Bitcoin SV

Craig Wright’s crackpot Bitcoin theory in the UK’s Financial Times

Was the Lightning Network set up to facilitate anonymous criminal activity in the wake of darknet markets like Silk Road being shut down? That's one...
Origin Kebabs

Fast food chain adopts Bitcoin, wants Coca-Cola to be next

Aussies with the munchies can now buy kebabs via the Lightning Network, after nationwide fast food chain Origin Kebabs inked a deal with TravelbyBit. TravelbyBit...
bitcoin lightning

BITCOIN ON FIRE: Was this the spark?

The Lightning Torch - a chain tweet between crypto celebrities that demonstrates it can be easy and cheap to pay for stuff with Bitcoin...
How much Bitcoin does Jack Dorsey own?

How much Bitcoin does Jack Dorsey own?

While taking part in the Bitcoin 'Lightning Torch' experiment, Jack Dorsey has given the world an insight into how he's invested in cryptocurrencies. The Twitter...