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Bitcoin price to hit $28K, says Max Keiser

Max Keiser recently expressed the opinion that the Bitcoin price would continue rising to US$28,000 before a pullback occurs. In fact, the host of...
Max Keiser predicts $50K Bitcoin price will convert skeptics

Max Keiser predicts $50K Bitcoin price will convert skeptics

Bitcoin advocate Max Keiser says a Bitcoin price of US$50,000 will turn some notable BTC critics into believers. Keiser took to Twitter to air...
Respected traders predict imminent BTC price spike

Respected traders predict imminent Bitcoin price spike

The Bitcoin price is threatening to head lower, but at least three respected pundits believe the price is about to rocket upwards. Veteran trader Peter...
FORKED: Bitcoin Cash is 'wounded, volatile' and dying

FORKED: Bitcoin Cash is ‘wounded, volatile’ and dying

Two years on from the hard fork and it may be time to admit that Bitcoin Cash has failed. Bitcoin Cash was launched in a...
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PRICE ALERT: Why Bitcoin could hit $15,000 this week

Max Keiser started buying Bitcoin when the cryptocurrency was trading at just one dollar, so when he makes predictions, people listen. The Heisenberg Capital Founder...