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CRYPTOJACKING ALERT: New crypto mining malware hides in plain sight

CRYPTOJACKING ALERT: New crypto mining malware hides in plain sight

New cryptocurrency mining malware is exploiting a vulnerability in the Oracle WebLogic Server while it hides in plain sight. Cybersecurity researchers at Trend Micro are...
Privacy coins

EXPERT WARNING: Fatal flaws may be embedded in all privacy coins

A blockchain researcher has warned that "all" privacy coins may include fundamental cryptography bugs that could enable hackers to counterfeit infinite amounts of money. Tim...
quantum hackvideo

Every cryptocurrency can be hacked ‘within several seconds’

In the Melbourne suburb of Clayton, the blockchain guru who invented Monero's privacy protection is developing and testing the first cryptocurrency that's safe from...

Researcher explains best and worst crypto investments

A cryptocurrency research analyst has explained why he believes Ethereum is one of the best crypto investments out there and why he's not touching...
Monero Abduction

Abductors demand crypto ransom for return of Billionaire’s wife

The disappearance of a Norwegian billionaire's wife has taken a shocking turn with a ransom of US$10m, to be paid in Monero, demanded. 68 year...
Monero Australia

University professor who helped build Monero wins Australian award

A Monash University Professor who designed important technology behind the cryptocurrency Monero has won a major Australian award. Associate Professor Joseph Liu was announced as ‘Researcher of...