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Will crypto markets dump further following a weekend of declines?

Dow Jones records its worst drop since March, futures try to recover

Wall Street became a trading bloodbath yesterday as the Dow Jones records a historic drop of over 1,800 points. Investors and traders are eyeing...
Fed interest rates stays near zero until 2022 as Dow Jones falls

Fed interest rates stays near zero until 2022 as Dow Jones falls

The Fed has recently announced this week that they plan to maintain interest rates until the U.S. is confident in its economic recovery. The...

Dow Jones rallies, futures fall, reopening continues, jobless claims awaits

The Dow Jones managed to rally yesterday closing above 350 points. However, futures pulled back to more than 100 points as Wall Street takes...
Coinbase announces rollout of Bitcoin transaction batching

Coinbase invests in emerging DeFi ecosystem with $2M USDC fund

Global crypto exchange giant Coinbase has announced a new fund to invest in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. The USDC Bootstrap Fund will be...
NASDAQ now lists DeFix index covering blockchain prediction markets Augur, MakerDAO

New NASDAQ-listed DeFi index DeFix (DEFX) to include Augur, MakerDAO, 0x

U.S. stock exchange NASDAQ has listed a new decentralized finance (DeFi) index that will follow popular blockchain-based prediction markets. The index will include projects...
Major players taking notice of DeFi industry

Nasdaq blockchain project could mean crypto payments, but not Bitcoin

The Nasdaq Stock Market has begun using blockchain technology to power its European mutual funds business and a key executive has hinted crypto could...