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'The Outlast Trials' new trailer teases terrifying multiplayer experience

‘The Outlast Trials’ new trailer teases a terrifying multiplayer experience

Red Barrels Games made sure to give The PC Gaming Show audience a fright by debuting a new trailer for their upcoming multiplayer scarefest...
'Godfall' drops surprising PC gameplay trailer during PC Gaming Show

‘Godfall’ drops PC gameplay trailer during PC Gaming Show

PlayStation 5 launch title Godfall shows up during the PC Gaming Show with a never-before-seen PC gameplay trailer. Publisher Gearbox had a strong showing at...
Persona 4 Golden Official Logo

‘Persona 4 Golden’ to release on PC, ‘P3P’ rumored as well

Persona 4 Golden, Atlus’ PlayStation Vita-exclusive title, is finally jumping to another platform as multiple reports claim of the game’s eventual release on the...