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Ubisoft Forward unveils game sale, save on ‘Far Cry 3’ and more

A few more hours left before the Ubisoft Forward and they have dropped another surprise for its fans—a massive game sale. It looks like Ubisoft...

Steam games that are worth getting before the sale ends

As gamers get a chance to splurge their money every Steam sale, there's still time to do some last-minute shopping until July 9. Whether you're...

‘Rainbow Six Siege’ patch will nerf Melusi and add match cancelation

Rainbow Six Siege operator Melusi will get a nerf in the upcoming Y5S2.1 patch. A few tweaks, including some adjustments, will make the operator...
More Rainbow Six leaks coming - maps, gadgets and weapon sights

More Rainbow Six leaks coming—maps, gadgets and weapon sights

Ubisoft developers are once again improving Rainbow Six Siege - from map reworks to new gadgets and revamped weapon sights. Since the team promised to...

Ubisoft set to rebuild parts of ‘Rainbow Six Siege’ to improve gameplay

Ubisoft is looking to rebuild some areas of Rainbow Six Siege. In particular, the team is looking to correct how sound works in the...

‘Rainbow Six Siege’: free to play this weekend for all platforms

Squad shooter Rainbow Six Siege is free to play this weekend, from 9 AM on June 11 to 4 PM on June 15. Players who...