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ROGER VER: Why Bitcoin Cash is the future “hot stock”

Early Bitcoin investor Roger Ver is sticking to his guns when it comes to Bitcoin Cash. The prominent cryptocurrency figure says the well-known Bitcoin ‘fork’...
Roger Ver: Drug cartel could create BCH token and pay dividends

Roger Ver: Drug cartel could create BCH token and pay dividends

Roger Ver says a drug cartel could 'absolutely' create a generic Bitcoin Cash token and pay out profits as dividends. He's not saying they...
Ver goes head to head with Dr Doom

Dr Doom taunts Roger Ver over Bitcoin Cash price ‘collapse’

Crypto skeptic Nouriel Roubini taunted Roger Ver about BCH's price collapse in a heated debate that turned into a shouting match. If Professor Roubini knows...

Thousands of Aussie restaurants will soon accept Bitcoin Cash

Almost half a million Liven App users will soon be able to buy lunch and dinner at thousands of restaurants across Australia using Bitcoin...
FORKED: Bitcoin Cash is 'wounded, volatile' and dying

FORKED: Bitcoin Cash is ‘wounded, volatile’ and dying

Two years on from the hard fork and it may be time to admit that Bitcoin Cash has failed. Bitcoin Cash was launched in a...
Why 'Bitcoin maximalists are like racists', according to Roger Ver

Roger Ver steps down as CEO

Just one day after announcing the upcoming launch of its crypto exchange, Roger Ver has stepped down as CEO of, relinquishing the position...