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Overstock founder invests in crypto to protect against the Deep State

Did Russian spy sex scandal force Bitcoin bull to resign as Overstock CEO?

Noted Bitcoin advocate and Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne has resigned after revealing a romantic relationship with a Russian agent. According to Byrne, the reason for...
Former crypto exchange CEO Dmitri Vasiliev arrested in Italy

Former crypto exchange CEO arrested in Italy

Dmitry Vasiliev, the ex-CEO of the troubled WEX crypto exchange, has been arrested in Italy. Two former investors in the now-defunct crypto exchange who wished...
SORRY LIBRA: Only 2% of Americans would trust Facebook's crypto over Bitcoin

Russia says ‘Nyet’ to Facebook’s Libra

Russia will legalize cryptocurrency and ICOs within the next two weeks, but the country is saying “nyet” to Facebook's Libra. Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev...
Russian economist insists US sanctions will push Bitcoin to $2M

Russian economist insists US sanctions will push Bitcoin to $2M

A controversial Russian economist is standing by his wild theory that United States sanctions against Russia will push the Bitcoin price to US$2 million...