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Craig 'Satoshi' Wright intends to become a UK magistrate

I AM THE LAW: Craig Wright intends to BECOME a UK magistrate

Self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator Dr Craig Wright is now so familiar with the legal process he intends to become a magistrate in the UK. In the...
8 Countries Where Crypto Profits are Tax-Free

WRIGHT: ‘Biggest whale ever’ set to dump $2 billion of Bitcoin

A judge last night ordered Dr Craig Wright to hand over 550,000 Bitcoin. Wright predicts $2 billion BTC will need be dumped to cover...

UNMASKED: Billionaire ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ comes clean on $1 website

Is the latest in a long line of claimants to the throne of Satoshi Nakamoto for real? Seriously? In his widely publicised 'reveal' a man...
Craig Wright Bitcoin SV

Craig Wright’s crackpot Bitcoin theory in the UK’s Financial Times

Was the Lightning Network set up to facilitate anonymous criminal activity in the wake of darknet markets like Silk Road being shut down? That's one...

Scientists link ancient currency to Bitcoin creation

500 years ago the inhabitants of the tiny Micronesian island of Yap used a currency system which anthropologists have discovered had striking similarities to...
Best selling author Neal Stephenson is not Satoshi

SATOSHI THEORY: Did this best selling author create Bitcoin?

Reason Magazine has put forward an incredible new theory that a bestselling novelist invented Bitcoin. The circumstantial evidence is compelling. Did best selling cyberpunk novelist...