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Ivanka Trump flew to New Jersey for passover amid COVID-19

Ivanka Trump ignored the social distancing guidelines earlier this month when she and husband, Jared Kushner went to New Jersey, along with their three...
Netflix Q1 earnings exceed expectations, adds nearly 16 million subs

Netflix exceeds Q1 earnings, adds nearly 16 million new subscribers

Despite U.S. market fears over oil, Netflix surpassed analysts' expectations in its Q1 earnings report. The company reported revenues of US$5.77 billion , earnings per...
Feds and Social Distancing: U.S. braces for another volatile week ahead

U.S. extends social distancing to April 30, braces for another volatile week ahead

U.S. President Donald Trump has extended social distancing guidelines from March 29 to April 30 after reports that coronavirus cases in the country have...