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Bitcoin price

NEW HIGH: Is Tether behind Bitcoin’s latest price spike?

Bitcoin bulls are celebrating after the cryptocurrency shot up more than nine percent overnight to within sight of US$9000. The new yearly high for the...
Binance and Polychain lead $10 million funding in Malta’s Founders Bank

MONSTER WEEKEND: Bitcoin bull run or false dawn?

After a monster weekend in which BTC hit a new high for 2019 the big question is whether this is a new Bitcoin bull...
Cardano founder: US dollar has 'real OneCoin vibe'

Growing calls to delist Tether from Binance and other major exchanges

Calls are growing louder for Binance and other major exchanges to delist Tether in the light of serious fraud allegations and new revelations about...
Tether (USDT) Supports Hurricane Dorian Evacuees with $1 Million 

TRUTH EXPOSED: Bitcoin selling off after Tether revelation

The Bitcoin price has begun dropping after a report about cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex and its digital coin Tether (USDT). Micky News has confirmed that Bitfinex...
Crypto mogul tweets - then deletes - endorsement of reported Ponzi scam

Why new stablecoins are being developed at a rapid rate

Right now there's a global race amongst developers to finalise dozens of new stablecoin projects - a race that will ultimately see the number...
short bitcoin

‘Anti-Bitcoin’ token to launch within weeks

Ever wanted to short Tether? Now you can on Synthetix Exchange - which also makes shorting Bitcoin as simple as buying a token. Synthetix founder...