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‘Trials of Mana’ is announced for mobile, comes with a release date

Trials of Mana, a remaster of the original game of the same title, is getting a mobile release. RPG fans who are seeking for...
A party encountering 'Trials of Mana' Secret Boss

How to find ‘Trials of Mana’ secret boss, the Black Rabite?

Trials of Mana has a post-game content that is seemingly stapled to most JRPGS—a rather difficult post-game boss fight. But accessing this secret boss...

PC modders give ‘Trials of Mana’ nudity treatment

Recently released for modern platforms, including PC, Square Enix’s Trials of Mana gets ‘nude mod’ from the modding community, rendering its female characters bare...
Top 3 Nintendo Switch games release this week

Top 3 Nintendo Switch games released this week

Nintendo continues to release fresh game titles for Switch amid the pandemic. This sheer amount of games makes it difficult to choose among the...
Trials of Mana logo

Preorder bonuses made available as ‘Trials of Mana’ releases on friday

With a slated release on Friday, April 24, 2020 on PC, PS4, and the Switch, preorder bonuses for Trials of Mana is made up...