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iPhone Bitcoin Wallet

APPLE’S CRYPTO PLAY: Bitcoin logos added, iPhone wallet incoming?

Speculation that Apple will offer a native iPhone Bitcoin wallet has reached fever pitch, after it unveiled its new 'CryptoKit' and added Bitcoin logos...
Crypto wallet to insure assets up to $50 million... but is there a catch?

Crypto wallet to insure assets up to $50 million… but is there a catch?

The industry's first institutional-grade cryptocurrency wallet service provider has announced that it will insure clients' wallets for up to US$50 million. Curv has announced that...

Stick ’em up! $54 million in Ether stolen by ‘blockchain bandit’

Researchers at Independent Security Evaluators found that one “blockchain bandit” stole $54 million in Ether from wallets with weak private keys. Those who traffic in...