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Korean crypto exchange to delist privacy coins

Korean crypto exchange to delist privacy coins

Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx will be delisting five privacy coins from its Korean trading platform due to pressure from regulators. The transaction support for Monero (XMR),...

WHAT? Max Keiser claims Bitcoin could have prevented 9/11

Max Keiser, host of the Keiser Report on RT, often flirts with conspiracy theories. But he’s gone WAY too far with a terrible take...
Keeping your crypto safe

EXPERT WARNING: Fatal flaws may be embedded in all privacy coins

A blockchain researcher has warned that "all" privacy coins may include fundamental cryptography bugs that could enable hackers to counterfeit infinite amounts of money. Tim...

Researcher explains best and worst crypto investments

A cryptocurrency research analyst has explained why he believes Ethereum is one of the best crypto investments out there and why he's not touching...