Take a look at these massive video game bosses of all time

Video game bosses are the final deal so let’s look at these massive bosses who terrorized us.

Many action-oriented video games are defined with the help of massive battles that can undertake any people, particularly with the help of their superpowers foes known as the Bosses.

Game developers take years to capitalize on the monitor by designing increasingly unique and creative bosses, which comes at the end of the video game or the final boss round.

Boss characters are supposed to be unique because of the final match because they need to have a great personality to carry around the mantle of the video games. That also includes the size of the characters in question. God of War really kicked off a trend when it started creating larger-than-life boss battles that enveloped the entire screen.

This was when the idea of creating huge bosses surrounded the video game industry.

Other companies took proper note of this and pitted gamers against some of the most mammoth-sized bosses ever seen in video games. What is more to come, let us see.

Galactus (Marvel Vs. Capcom 3)

The Marvel vs. Capcom series is one of the best-known series in blending two franchise worlds. Working under Capcom’s umbrella fighting game engine, it is also one of the most over-the-top entries in its lineup.

The gamers at the end of the game have to work through the boss battle, and the boss here is pretty terrifying, if you may ask. Many world-devouring supervillains overshadow the other fighters as he rains down, pummeling fists to the player and other attacks. The main protagonist has to fight back and use every power they have got.

Venom (Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows)

Spider-Man villains always take the top spot because they are so dramatic and, of course, larger than life-size. When it comes to Venom, players have seen the symbiote helping Spidey and making sure he makes his life hell, too, at times.

But the boss fight here is one of the terrifying renditions of the character in all of Marvel history. Web of Shadows clearly focuses on the symbiote invasion of the Manhattan led by none other than Venom himself. It is built to a final climax till the end of the game, where Spidey is forced to take this massive Venom down.

The Riftworm (Gears Of War 2)

Last but not least, this surely takes the mantle of being a horrifying boss battle of history. Players have to come face to face affair with this giant rift worm in the end scene. Though not technically named a boss battle in the traditional scope, players have to take a different approach to defeat this creature.

Fenix and his team have to begin the mission inside the creature, where they must locate three individual hearts to make sure that they are kept alive.


Image courtesy of MrMetroidDread/YouTube

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