‘Tales of Arise’ will be less than 40GB in size on the Playstation


Tales of Arise has now revealed its file size for the Playstation 4 and 5, and the game, at its biggest, will not have more than 40GB before its Day 1 patch.

In a report released by Playstation pundit Playstation Size, it detailed that Tales of Arise will come out with two different sizes for the game. Not only will the game have less than 40GB pre-first day patch, the report also lists when can fans pre-load.

Arise will be 2GB smaller on the PS5

Arise is finally releasing this year on PC and consoles, with a target release date of September 10. During that time, the game will be smaller than most AAA titles coming out for the year. For the Playstation, at least, we know how big it will be.

According to reports, the Playstation 5 will get a game size of 37.205 GB. This size will be before the day 1 patch, which should make the entire title bigger. The Playstation 4 version will be a little heftier, going at around 39.501 GB.

For both consoles, pre-load will start around two days before September 8. Players can launch the game and start playing on the day of the official release, September 10. It’s best for fans to pre-load beforehand.

ToA cuts down on open-world aspect

Tales of Arise coming in smaller sizes opens the game to more audiences. Most players are taking as much as 70GB in many titles right now. Some games are further unoptimized messes, with ones costing the size of an entire hard drive.

The dev team also moved away from its original open-world concept. By going linear, the team is able to focus the title’s gameplay.

“We actually did debate whether to go with an open-world concept or a linear concept,” said producer Yusuke Tomizawa in an interview. “This was something in the early stages we really had a back and forth debate about.

“We actually ran tests simulating both situations and ultimately, we came to the decision that, as we mentioned, for reasons that we want the players to focus, we went with the linear option.

“We thought this was the best way for players to really enjoy what Tales of Arise is all about. Again, the story, character development, all that good stuff, we thought that was the best way to deliver that gameplay to the player.”

Tales of Arise will be available on all platforms, including the PC, Playstation, and the Xbox. The game will be a same-day worldwide release on September 10.

Featured image courtesy of Bandai Namco Europe/Youtube Screenshot

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