Tartu: First autonomous hydrogen-powered cars

Today in Tartu, the world’s first autonomous hydrogen-powered car developed by the Estonian company Auve Tech and researchers from the University of Tartu made its debut to the public for the first time.

The first passenger of the hydrogen-powered car was the President of Estonia, Kersti Kaljulaid.

The hydrogen ferry completed its first test kilometer in early June. It was approved by the Estonian Highway Administration for use in public transportation, thanks to the cooperation that began in February 2020, which was jointly organized by the University of Tartu and generated energy.

The main goal of the hydrogen in the autonomous Auve Tech-Shuttle, designed for six passengers, is to improve the last mile of transportation.

Hydrogen-powered cars

Like other Auve Tech vehicles, shuttle buses can travel through public transportation and semi-enclosed spaces without manual intervention; their movements can be monitored remotely and corrected if necessary.

At the car premiere in front of the main building of the University of Tartu, the President of the Republic of Estonia, Kirsty Karjuled, made a speech, emphasizing that the birth of the hydrogen shuttle is not only an important milestone in integration.

Two promising future technologies, but they also mark a big step towards a new reality in which people can find innovative scientific solutions in daily life.

No one in the world dares to invest time and resources to combine two parallel developments in transportation: autonomous driving and hydrogen fuel remote control.

This shows that these two technologies are still in the experimental stage. Not twice, but twice in the square. On. In fact, we don’t know exactly what our future will be or how fast it will come.

As always, the problem is not with science or technology but with people. We can’t imagine what happens when we have two types of balance bikes. “We Homo sapiens may have to stay away from our bicycles to make room for self-driving cars,” Kaljulaid said. For 30 years, Estonians have done many things that others have talked about but dared not do.

Rapid-charging technology

In this sense, Auve Tech’s hydrogen-powered cars are fully in line with Estonia’s worldview, said the president. Väino Kaldoja, founder of Auve Tech and author of the Iseauto concept, said that this was possible in Little Estonia: “A few years ago, when We saw this when our Iseauto was approved as a legal bottle, and now we are a world that combines autonomous driving and hydrogen energy in a car,” he said.

For Kaldoy, what is important is the final result and that the students, researchers, and experts involved in the process can actively participate in the “Create Unique Things” project. Valuable knowledge of innovation. “Today is definitely an important day for everyone, but we are still full of energy, so this is just a milestone in our long journey,” said the founder of Auve Tech.

Scholar Ann Lust is very grateful to Auve Tech because she decided to involve scientists from the University of Tartu in converting her self-driving car to hydrogen fuel. We need to develop a fuel cell that converts hydrogen into energy actively.

Auve Tech’s first autonomous vehicle

This is the only sustainable solution when at least 12% of Estonian traffic must be powered by renewable fuels by 2030. It shows that in cooperation with the private sector, we can say, “Estonia is a small country where integrated hydrogen infrastructure can develop rapidly.

Just like Germany, the maximum distance between hydrogen refueling stations is less than 150 kilometers. “Auve Tech CEO Johannes Mossov (Johannes Mossov) said that driverless hydrogen-powered cars are an environmentally friendly alternative to private cars.”

The hydrogen used in hydrogen batteries allows electricity to run in the car, and the only by-products are evaporated water and heat. Compared with electric cars, fast charging allows the car to run for more hours, increasing efficiency and internal energy.


Image courtesy of AUVE TECH/YouTube

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