Taylor Swift, Adele feuding over music, ‘rivalry go public’: rumor

Taylor Swift, Adele feuding over music, 'rivalry go public': rumor

Taylor Swift and Adele are allegedly feuding over the latter’s new album, with the former being unhelpful, according to a tabloid.

Taylor Swift and Adele are among the biggest names in the music industry. However, the Blank Space singer and Rolling in the Deep songstress are allegedly feuding over their music.

Taylor Swift and Adele allegedly have a beef

Taylor Swift is not happy with Adele deciding to take a new direction for her upcoming album.  The You Belong With Me songstress allegedly feared that the Hello singer would steal her pop princess crown if they would have shared the same genre in music.

“This isn’t paranoia on the part of Taylor, as she and Adele have been friends for years and Adele’s grilled her on her crossover from the country into pop,” an unknown source told New Idea.

The tabloid added that Swift refused to help Adele move on from her wallowing heartbreak music. Adele wanted to have some fun in her next album by showcasing her amazing look in an elaborate stage show, which could be similar to Swift’s concert, the anonymous tipster added.

Should this “rivalry go public, it’s going to get messy,” the tabloid added. Swift should have kept her copycat concerns to herself, the tabloid concluded.

Rumor debunked

Gossip Cop examined the claim and found out that it didn’t make sense. First, it questioned the claim that Taylor Swift wasn’t happy about Adele working on new music. The rumor-debunking site wondered why Swift would care about Adele’s music.

Second, Swift has a lot of pop contemporaries who release albums, including Ariana Grande and Rihanna. However, Swift never criticized them.

Third, Swift has slowly inched away from the pop-sphere. In fact, her two recent albums, Folklore and Evermore, sounded more like Indie or Folk music than pop records of her earlier work.

Those who have been following Swift’s career have witnessed the Shake It Off singer’s growth as an artist. She had been making various types of music. It is unlikely for Swift to be mad if a friend she has known for years would do the same.

Gossip Cop concluded that the story was completely unbelievable.

Aside from that, New Idea has published several bogus claims about Adele. It claimed that the Hello singer dated Bradley Cooper. Months after that, it also alleged that Adele caught Brad Pitt’s attention. Both stories involving Adele to Pitt and Cooper were false.


Image used courtesy of Taylor Swift/YouTube Screenshot

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