Taylor Swift becomes first artist to land three major streaming platforms

Taylor Swift becomes first artist to land three major streaming platforms

Taylor Swift is now the first artist with contents available for the three major streaming platforms, Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu.

Amid the pandemic crisis, Taylor Swift has seemingly continued to give her fans a treat. Following the release of Miss Americana on Netflix earlier this year, the ‘Lover’ songstress now offers her newest material, City of Lover, on Disney+ and Hulu.

Miss Americana on Netflix

Following the success of her seventh and latest album, ‘Lover,’ Taylor released a documentary film titled, Taylor Swift: Miss Americana. It reportedly premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. But, later on, it found its way to Netflix for fans to “binge-watch,” according to Cheat Sheet.

The documentary follows the celebrity’s life “outside” of her music. It also reportedly featured her “transitional period” before the “Lover era.”

Fans seemingly loved it as the material received a “generally positive reviews” for its “raw” and “intimate” look at Taylor’s life.

Taylor Swift canceled the ‘Lover Fest’ tour

Taylor Swift canceled her highly-awaited ‘Lover Fest’ tour, which would have started last April 5 in Atlanta City, Georgia. Reports said that this sixth concert tour and “first-ever” music festival tour would have lasted for about four months. 

Unfortunately for the fans, Taylor marked out all of her events for this year due to the COVID-19 crisis. She also reportedly told in an interview that she is “so sad” about it. But, she asserted that it is the “right” decisions “for the sake of all of us.”

She, instead, released City of Lover on Disney+ and Hulu

After the cancellation of her tour, Taylor Swift announced that she, along with her crew, “filmed” her show in Paris last September. She then said on a tweet earlier this month that she thought it would be “fun to share” the material with her fans and followers.

City of Lover initially dropped on ABC last May 17. The day after the premiere, the material became available for streaming on both Disney+ and Hulu platforms.

The first artist to offer contents on major streaming platforms

With the release of City of Lover on Netflix’s “rival” platforms, Taylor Swift has become the “first artist” to offer her content on all three major streaming platforms. As noted, she even might become the “only” artist to do this.

Some artists and songstresses have materials available, as well, on streaming platforms. These include Beyoncé and Lady Gaga with their Homecoming and Five Foot Two contents, respectively.

While they may all offer similar materials, these are only available on Netflix, as per claims. So, this reportedly makes Taylor Swift the only artist, so far, with available content on all major streaming platforms.

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