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Taylor Swift released eighth album, ‘Folklore’ without ‘Easter eggs’


“Folklore,” the eighth album of Taylor Swift is out now.

Almost a year after Lover, Taylor Swift released her new and eighth album, Folklore. It came as a surprise to her fans and followers as no one reportedly had a clue about it.

The singer shared in her social media posts that she, herself, even “had not planned” this. “Surprise,” she added.

A new era for Taylor Swift

Gone are the days of her pastel-colored aesthetics. Taylor Swift had just changed the tone and appearance of her Instagram feed. The change in aesthetics normally marks the emergence of a “new era,” according to Buzzfeed.

On July 23, the singer posted nine still photos on the platform. It did not reportedly come with any caption. But, after posting the ninth photo, the image became clear that a new era has begun.

Following the nine photos, she posted another one showing the clear image in full. In this post, she announced that Folklore would arrive by midnight.

She went on to share that the release will entail the entirety of the album. Also, she noted that she has “poured” all of her “whims, dreams, fears, and musings” into it.

“Folklore” has a total of 16 tracks

Taylor Swift did not waste time as she immediately shared the album’s tracklist. As revealed, Folklore houses 16 songs with one bonus track.

Aside from sharing the titles of her new songs, she also touched on some of the details of the album. She said that she “wrote and recorded” her new music “in isolation.”

Swift also credited some of her “musical heroes.” These are Aaron Dessner, Bon Iver, William Bowery, and Jack Antonoff.

As explained, Iver collaborated with her with the track, “exile.” As for Dessner and Bowery, they reportedly co-wrote with Swift in 11 and two songs, respectively.

No “Easter eggs” for her eighth album

Through the years, Taylor Swift has continued to treat her fans with several hints and clues toward her upcoming projects and productions. Reports, as well as the whole fandom, refer to it as her “Easter eggs.

While she has become very popular for it, her new studio album, Folklore did not come with any of it, CBS News reiterated. This is why the announcement has become a very surprising and shocking thing for her followers.

In the end, the Lover artist said that she would have “overthought” to release her next album “at the perfect time.” However, the current “times” have reportedly continued to remind her that “nothing is guaranteed.”

This then led her to release Folklore. “My gut is telling me that if you make something you love, you should just put it out into the world,” Taylor Swift explained.

Featured image courtesy of Taylor Swift/YouTube

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