Taylor Swift fans ‘disappointed’ as she reportedly ‘fell short’

Taylor Swift fans 'disappointed' as she reportedly 'fell short'

Taylor Swift has spoken about the Black Lives Matter movement. But, fans reportedly felt that she “fell short.”

Throughout her career, Taylor Swift has amassed millions of fans and followers across the globe. With her love and passion for music, it is not surprising why she has a cult-like following in recent times.

“Swifties” is reportedly one of the “largest” and strongest fanbases in the world. Ranging from young individuals to adults, they have followed the ‘Lover’ artist for more than a decade now.

Despite facing a huge backlash from the public, Taylor’s fans have always supported and defended her, according to Cheat Sheet. However, recent reports said that the tone has changed following the artist’s “efforts” centered on the Black Lives Matter movement.

Taylor Swift has joined the Black Lives Matter advocacy

Amid the unrest across the United States, several celebrities have since utilized their platforms to speak up for the Black Lives Matter movement, and against racism. Just like any other celebrity advocates, Taylor Swift also reportedly joined the advocacy by using her own social media platforms.

During the “Blackout Tuesday,” she posted a plain black photo on Instagram and captioned it with “Black Lives Matter.” She also reportedly shared a few “stories” on the platform and urged followers to “donate money” for the movement.


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Swifties are “beyond disappointed”

While Taylor Swift’s “efforts” for the movement are all great and helpful, her fans and followers reportedly felt huge disappointments toward her. As stated, they thought that the ‘ME!’ singer “fell short.”

Several members of the Swifties fanbase reportedly called her out, particularly on her Tumblr platform. As noted, it “hurts” them to criticize the artists but, they needed to inform her about her “lack of involvement.”

One netizen even reportedly posted a “message” for Taylor Swift and asked her about the “energy” that she had for Miss Americana. It is “simply not enough” and “there is more to be done,” her fan added.

Taylor stepped up to criticize Tennessee’s Confederate statues

Following the backlash, Taylor Swift released a statement on Instagram and Twitter. She did not, however, defend her previous efforts. Instead, she criticized the Confederate statues in her home state, Tennessee, according to Forbes.

She reportedly “advocated” for the removal of the statues in Tennessee that “celebrate racist historical figures.” She also said that these figures, who she deemed as “villains,” do not “deserve statues.”

The caption of her post ended by stating that people “can’t change history.” But, “you can change this,” Taylor Swift noted.


Featured image courtesy of Taylor Swift/YouTube

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