Taylor Swift, Joe Alwyn’s romance reaches new heights with this

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s romance is taking new heights as they are now, reportedly, talking about their babies together.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have been together for three years. Though marriage is not in the cards yet, they may now be planning for the future.

A sweet plan for the future

A source told Us Weekly Swift and Alwyn had talked about children.

“She’s very excited about that chapter of her life when the timing is right and comes,” the insider said.

Of course, the couple had discussed marriage, too.

“They don’t have a set deadline in place, but they’re very much in love,” the insider continued.

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A very private romance of Taylor Swift

News about Swift and Alwyn’s romance emerged in 2017. However, compared to the pop giant’s highly-publicized relationships in the past, they chose to keep their romantic bond in private.

“I… was falling in love with someone who had a wonderfully normal, balanced life,” Swift said in her Netflix documentary, Miss Americana. “We decided together we wanted our relationship to be private.”

The 30-year-old admitted it was “horrible,” but she couldn’t deny she was happy.

“But I wasn’t happy in the way I was trained to be happy,” she explained. “It was happiness without anyone else’s input. We were just happy.”

A song for Alwyn

Swift had been known for writing her songs based on her life and experiences, mostly about her romantic relationships.

Hence, fans believed her new song, Cardigan, had something to do with her three-year relationship with Alwyn.

“When I felt like I was an old cardigan / Under someone’s bed / You put me on and said I was your favorite,” the lyrics read.

According to Elle, it could mean how Swift felt about her ruined reputation in 2016. However, everything changed when she met Alwyn and fell in love.

“To kiss in cars, in downtown bars / Was all we needed / You drew stars around my scars,” the lyrics continued.

This could be an honor to her boyfriend and her previous love songs about him, like in Reputation‘s Delicate.

“This ain’t for the best / My reputation’s never been worse, so / You must like me for me…” she sang. “We can’t make / Any promises now, can we, babe? / But you can make me a drink / Dive bar on the East Side, where you at?”

An insider said Taylor Swift considered Joe Alwyn the only “safe constants in her life.” He had been an enormous support system behind her who had been “stuck by her.”

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