Taylor Swift new album: Evidence T-Swift may drop ‘Red 2.0’

Taylor Swift new album: evidence T-Swift may drop ‘Red 2.0’

With Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun’s dispute over her music catalog, rumors swirl that Tay Tay will be re-recording her songs. Fans believe that her recent selfie is a big clue that she will make “copycat” versions of her music. So, here is some evidence that she may have an announcement coming up, and it may be about Red 2.0.

Taylor Swift is widely known for using social media to give fans hints about her new music or any projects. So, when she took a selfie, they are convinced that it has another meaning rather than just showing her face.

Hints about Red’s re-release

Fans can’t help but believe that the 30-year-old star is up to something. “Not a lot going on at the moment,” she captioned her snap. Despite looking like a harmless post, for some, it’s not just a simple selfie.

The singer-songwriter published the post at exactly 5:08 p.m. As five plus eight is 13, it is Taylor Swift’s favorite number since her birthday falls on December 13. The post’s time is also written as 5/08, so people are convinced she’s dropping something on May 8.

As May 8 is Friday, according to Celebrity Insider, it’s the usual day the new music drops. Hence, the singer-songwriter may drop a new song or album on that day.

Her caption is also the same phrase written on her shirt in the 22 music video. One fan analyzed all these mysteries, saying these all mean “TS8 = RED 2.0.”

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Not a lot going on at the moment

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Why do fans think there will be a new Red album?

Taylor Swift has been in a legal battle against Scooter Braun for a while after he bought her masters. So, to own her old music again, Taylor Swift may re-record all of them, Junkee noted.

It is no surprise that the 38-year-old entertainment executive, who brought Justin Bieber to fame, caused T-Swift personal angst. So, she promised to do “copycat” versions of her albums. The new recordings may sound just like her original songs, but it will be exclusively hers.

Although her selfie looks nothing but a simple picture of her, it managed to drop a lot of assumptions. Fans know that Taylor Swift can easily re-record her album, and its premise began, at least, since November last year. Hence, it may be safe to assume that her selfie is a pretty indication that a new Red album or Red 2.0 is coming.

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