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Taylor Swift sparks pregnancy rumors following ‘Folklore’


Is Taylor Swift pregnant?

Taylor Swift surprised her fans recently with her eighth album, Folklore. Unlike her previous albums, she did not give her fandom “Easter eggs” before dropping the latest collection.

She included, however, some hints and clues on the lyrics of her new tracks. In a recent interview, the “Cardigan” singer revealed that she incorporated characters, storylines, and arcs within the 16 tracks, plus the bonus single.

Just like in her previous releases, her avid fans, the Swifties, immediately tried to decode all the Easter eggs that she provided within the album. While theories about her, using and revealing the names of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ kids in Folklore, have continued to spark surprise and shock, the speculations about her, announcing her wedding and pregnancy, have become the most shocking thing of all.

As it happens, many Swifties have come up to the conclusion that she will soon announce a huge matter about her life, possibly a wedding or pregnancy, according to Cheat Sheet.

Why fans think that Taylor Swift is pregnant

In Folklore, the 15th track on the list is “Peace.” Based on the lyrics, fans, reportedly, think that Taylor Swift is hinting about her pregnancy. The lyrics read, “And you know that I’d swing with you for the fences/ Sit with you in the trenches/ Give you my wild, give you a child.”

Alongside the lyrics, many fans have pointed out that the 30-year-old singer has not posted any photo of her, showing her whole body. When she did, though, she is, reportedly, wearing either loose clothes or a cover-up.

Some Swifties also emphasized that she has a belly bump in her latest music video, according to Pop Culture. Not to mention, the album, reportedly, includes lots of “mother” and “baby” references in the lyrics.

A huge announcement on August 7

In another set of theories, fans also think that Taylor Swift will drop a shocking announcement on August 7. While many believe that it will be about her alleged pregnancy, others assert that it might be about her engagement to Joe Alwyn.

Fans who ordered copies of Folklore will receive the physical album on the said date. Some speculated that it has something to do with the tracks “August” and “Seven.”

Aside from the physical album, it will also be the day when Swifties will hear the bonus track, “The Lakes,” for the first time. As theorized, Taylor Swift might have incorporated her “big news” on the track.

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