TCL 10 5G UW has ultra-fast 5G and many more, for just $399

The TCL 10 5G UW is released today under Verizon’s Network franchise, and as of now, it is the only most affordable 5G phone ready yet.

The TCL 10 5G UW phone price has been rated at $399 outright, and if you opt for a device monthly payment plan, then the phone will be available to you on a $16.67 per month plan for 24 months.

If you are a gadget enthusiast and look over the gadget market, you will notice that Samsung’s Galaxy A71 5G UW used to hold this distinction in July at a price tag of $649.  The price of 5G phones is reducing day by day.

TCL announced its latest 5G phone in CES 2020, but today’s announcement included the carries and phone price. Impressively, the phone cost $200 less than those of reputed franchise’s phone but still have suitable hardware and software.

The phone has matched Google Pixel 4A 5G spec by spec, from hardware to software, from processor to RAM and storage, everything similar.

TCL will see the surge of its phone as it cost less and will be affordable for the people who want to experience 5G at a lower cost, without spending much money on the reputed franchise phones like Samsung Galaxy S20 or iPhone 12.

It should be noted that this phone supports Verizon’s newly launched sub-6Hz 5G spectrum, which will enhance the LTE speed across many parts of the USA, and its feasibility with mmWave ultrawideband even makes it an even smoother and cost-effective phone.

Following are some of the merits and demerits in terms of specifications of the TCL 10 5G UW phone


  • The 6.5-inch screen is bright and contrast-rich
  • almost matches the specification of Google Pixel 4A with $200 less
  • the phone supports the latest technology of Verizon sub-6Hz and mmWave 5G


  • Lacks the software and fineness of camera what Google Pixel 4A provides with
  • Water and dust resistance rating isn’t mentioned in the phone
  • Middling photo chops

This phone will provide a lot of specifications which costlier phones offer but with some drawbacks. The camera quality and the splendid software that Google Pixel carry are significant disadvantages of this phone.

Overall, this phone satisfies someone’s needs if he/she desires to experience 5G technology at a lower cost. Talking about the screen, the 6.5 inch LCD is contrast-rich and sharp enough to make you comfortable using the phone.

It even has the technology that allows you to upscale SDR content to HDR10 content.

Image courtesy of Tada Images/Shutterstock

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